The 3 Lies About Selling On Amazon and eBay (Part 2 of 3)

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Lie #2 All buyers will always appreciate your hard work bringing your product to market and the good service you provide.

Dealing with Disputes

You can only please some of the people some of the time. Period.

So you’re gonna have some disputes, bad feedback, complaints or bad product reviews to deal with at some point.

One of the main causes of receiving disputes is selling something you don’t have in stock, i.e. overselling inventory that you’ve already sold to someone else due to selling on multiple channels.

Overselling inventory that you don’t have causes order cancellations which will be recorded in your eBay and Amazon performance records. Accounts that underperform are given lower search visibility in search results leading to lower sales turnover. eBay will even penalize you with a ‘fine’ if your seller rating drops by reducing the amount of discount that you’ll receive on seller fees.

Not to mention the customer will be disappointed if you cancel the order which again leads to even more strife, I needn’t mention what could possibly follow.. yep you guessed it.. disputes, negative feedback, negative product reviews, refunds, chargebacks, etc..

So you’re going to need to be able to update stock levels on listings in real time so not to oversell.

Solution: Avoid this situation with the inventory management features in your MultiChannelWorks account. Inventory synchronization prevents overselling inventory by adjusting available product quantities on every channel as soon as you’ve sold units on one channel.


Receiving ‘Where’s My Order?’ Messages

If you sell on eBay or Amazon I’m sure at some point you’ll probably have seen this message from a customer..

‘Where’s my ‘bleeping’ order?’

Despite your best efforts, unfortunately its never going to be enough – ever.

Wanna know why?

Because you can only please most of the people most of the time but there’s always going to be those who don’t receive their package on time for one of any number of reasons beyond your control for instance..

  • the carrier could lose the package in transit
  • the buyer was not at home to receive the package the first time and they expect YOU to get it for them
  • the buyer’s address is not known to the carrier
  • if shipping overseas its common for packages to be held in customs and according to the buyer the delay is YOUR fault
  • someone other than the buyer signed for the package (like someone else in the household) but didn’t let the buyer know they stashed the package by the kettle in the kitchen. Of course the buyer considers this your fault too.
  • and any number of other reasons..

Solution: Use MultiChannelWorks after sale tracking status updates to automatically mark orders shipped and confirm tracking numbers on your sales channels and use the email notifications to send your customers shipping confirmations.


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