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(Optional Step)
Step 4: Connect Fulfillment Centers Such As Amazon FBA
to Automatically Ship Your Orders

Video length: 4.36 minutes


(This is an optional step only to be completed if you want to automatically ship your orders from Amazon FBA or one of the other 3rd party fulfillment centers that MultiChannelWWorks integrates with)

The video shows you how to use 3rd party fulfillment center integrations so you can ship your orders from any sales channel directly from fulfillment centers that you use, including Amazon FBA and/or other 3pl fulfillment centers.

Fulfillment center setup steps:

  1. Ensure the modules is activate for the fulfillment center you use from the 'Addons' menu
  2. For Amazon FBA ensure you've selected 'This is an Amazon Warehouse' checkbox in your Amazon channels settings
  3. Map shipping methods
  4. Allocate the warehouse and fulfillment center priority for each channel from channel settings
  5. Map shipping methods for each channel to the fulfillment center shipping methods
  6. Turn 'Auto Ship' on for the channels that you want to pass orders to the fulfillment centers for, so that the fulfillment centers can ship your orders

(The next step shows how to use the order manager and how to automate order processing..)

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