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  • 1. Add Products
  • 2. Channels
  • 3. Inventory
  • 4. Fulfillment Center
  • 5. Order Manager
  • 6. Automation
20% Of Account Setup

Step 1: Adding Your Products And First Channel

Video length: 5.53 minutes


The video shows you how to quickly import your products and how to connect your first sales channel.

The purpose of importing or adding your product details to your account is to build your product catalog. MultiChannelWorks can then reference your products when managing orders, tracking inventory and shipping orders.

There are 3 ways to build your product catalog:

  1. Add a channel to import products (recommended method)
  2. Upload a csv file
  3. Use the 'Add Product' form

(The next step shows you how to connect additional channels and map products to listings..)

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