60% Of Account Setup

Step 2: Connect Additional Channels (Product Mapping)

Video length: 6.10 minutes


The video shows you how to quickly connect additional selling channels and how to ensure that your channel listing are mapped (linked) to your products in your product catalog.

As soon as your channel listings are correctly mapped to products in your catalog MultiChannelWorks will be able to accurately track inventory levels when orders are received and imported automatically from your sales channels.

QUICK START TIP: To skip needing to manually map listings to products in your catalog please ensure that you use the same product codes when you list your products on multiple channels. (For example if you list a product on Amazon you should use the same product code when you list the same product on eBay.)

If you're unsure if you're already using the same product codes for all of your sales channels please watch the video that shows you how product mapping works.

NOTE: If you only want to use the 'Order Processing' features within your account to print packing slips and shipping labels then product mapping can be skipped. Although it might be a good idea to watch the video anyway becasue product mapping is very important if you want to get the most our of your MultiChannelWorks account to use the inventory synchronization and shipping integration features.

(The next step show you how to check your inventory during setup..)