Multi Location Inventory Management For Amazon, eBay, Shopify, etc

What is multi-location inventory management?

Multi location inventory is basically holding inventory (that’s physical products) in more than one physical location. This can make managing your inventory for various sales channels like eBay, Amazon and other sales channels quite complex or time consuming. Because of potential penalties, account standing and ranking factors its also increasingly important that you update online sales channels with accurate inventory quantities at all times.

You might also want to ship orders from different warehouse locations; again this is all encompassed under the term multi location inventory or sometimes also called multi channel inventory management.

MultiChannelWorks is a software platform that helps you to manage and automate some of the time consuming administration of managing inventory in multiple locations. You can use it to do things like:

Import and export data from external warehouses that you own or from 3rd party warehouses like fulfillment centers, 3rd party logistic providers or from drop shipping suppliers.

Simply use one of the existing integrations or let us know about your custom requirement so that we can hook up your warehouse feds to reconcile inventory levels, ship orders and transfer tracking information from warehouses.

Your MultiChannelWorks account already has 5 internal stock room locations built in as standard although if you want to connect to external warehouses for example Amazon FBA to ship orders or any other warehouse, store room or drop shipper simply sign up, log into your account and contact us today.

Managing multi location inventory with MultiChannelWorks is a breeze with features like..

  • Live data feed transfer for inventory quantities,
  • Automatically transfer orders to warehouses, fulfilment centres and drop shippers
  • Automatically receive shipment tracking numbers and carrier details back from external warehouses so that MultiChannelWorks can automatically mark your orders shipped on your sales channels and add the shipping carrier and tracking information.

Most clients who use multi location inventory features either ship from FBA and other locations or they use our customized service to create integrations with your required warehouse and stock locations. Customization is one of our specialties because we understand your business is unique. You’ll be surprised just how quickly and cost effective our services are.

So go ahead and get instant access to the multi location inventory software demo video.


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