Imagine A Multi Channel eCommerce Solution
Customized Specifically For YOUR Business.. lets make it YOUR reality!

Dear Future Client,

My name is John Baxter, CEO of MutliChannelWorks and I understand that to be able to completely automate back-end eCommerce sales order and inventory management operations,  most businesses have some unique requirements that the 'out of the box' solution isn't always going to accommodate.

Your business might have specific rules, procedures and workflow’s that will most likely be unique to your operations and that differ from those of your competitors.

A ‘one size fits all’ software solution isn’t always going to be the right fit for YOUR individual business because your business is unique.

As a business owner, CEO or operations manager yourself, I'm sure you’ll already know that its usually a great idea to build a unique business. Although if you have unique operational requirements then you’ll also need a unique software solution to manage those operations.

Because I've previously built multiple 7 figure ecommerce businesses from scratch and also because we're servicing hundreds of MultiChanenlWorks clients, I also know that every business usually has at least SOME tasks or processes that require SOME customization.

For example, maybe you need..

..customized inventory rules for multi location warehouses specific to YOUR business..

..or maybe you need specific rules for specific products..,

..or maybe you need an integration with a niche sales channel that no other company will commit the time to building it for you..,

..or maybe you need specific rules applying to shipping solutions or warehouse locations,

..I’m sure you know what I mean.

Our aim is to equip your business with an end-to-end,
automated ecommerce solution

We like to think that we're known for going the extra mile to ensure all the small details and unique characteristics of  your business operations are covered.

Its also one of our main goals to simplify and provide you with a multi channel ecommerce solution that automates even the most complex tasks and workflows to make them look simple.

  • Multi location inventory feeds and external warehouse management
  • Specific conditions for managing individual or groups of products and inventory
  • Building custom integrations or integrating offline systems
  • Or anything else..

Whatever YOUR multi channel software needs are,
we can deliver your customized solution

It really doesn’t matter what your need is, the chances are we can built it for you in a relatively short amount of time and at a guaranteed low price or we’ll match the price for any comparative quote.

For example, most custom requirements can be achieved within 3-5 days depending on the complexity and you’ll be up and running in next to no time.

You have nothing to lose by contacting us with your requests and only hours of time to save.

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“We're a large Amazon seller (iTronics) doing over 50 million dollars a year that was seeking a fulfillment service that connects all our sales channels 5+ and warehouses (Amazon FBA and 3PL) together then automates all those processes. The MultiChannelWorks' team met all our expectations and continuously strove to meet all our needs.

Before finding MutliChannelWorks we tried numerous service providers and all of them were either too expensive or not willing to accommodate our specific needs. Not only did they do a quality job in working with our large sheet of needs, they also have the best price on the market by far for similar services.

Some of their competitors will charge 100 times the amount with less personalized support and most are not as eager to quickly to solve issues. I would highly recommend any large or small eCommerce to use their service as it's by far the best on the market. Be it for automating fulfillment or other services they offer, at least contact them as they're always willing to design a solution that fits your needs."

CEO of iTronics | DE, United States