Multi Channel eCommerce Case Study – From $2k to $60k/month

Selling more products in more places might sound like more work but considering the amount of additional revenue and income you can generate by doing so, its definitely worth the effort. Especially with the help of automation tools there’s no longer any excuses not to do it becasue most if not all of the work involved can be automated using software.

In my opinion as an ecommerce seller just like you, it’s the easiest way to multiply your income fast.

Multi Channel eCommerce review

To be able to prove the multi channel eCommerce model I grew a small eCommerce business using the MultiChannelWorks software to leverage time and to manage multiple sales channels. Using the software enabled me to be able to sell over $4 million US dollars worth of a physical product that had a retail price of just $29 whilst automating most of the work involved.

The graph above show the actual revenue growth for this small businesses that I developed to show the ‘real life’ proof of what can be achieved when using MultiChannelWorks technology.

By selling just one successful product on multiple
channels you can easily multiply your business 

I’m sure you’re already aware of the obvious big sales channels like eBay, Amazon and some others but there really are many more than maybe what you’ve heard about.

In addition to selling on ecommerce websites you can also use product feeds to syndicate your product ads to even more online sites and let’s not forget about exporting and selling on international sites.

To summarize multi channel ecommerce. its basically the process of using multiple selling channels to reach more customers and to be able to sell more products on more channels. In my opinion leveraging multiply platforms with software is the easiest way for existing ecommerce companies to multiply sales.

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