Increase Your Woocommerce Website Traffic With These 13 SEO Tips

If you’re already targeting keywords to increase your Woocommerce website traffic here’s a list of 13 essential SEO tips to ensure you’re getting the most from your search engine optimization.

13 SEO Tips To Increase Your Woocommerce Website Traffic

  1. Most websites are now receiving more traffic from mobile devices therefore its more important than ever to ensure your site operates and loads well on a mobile device. You can do this by using a free tool such as to check your site is mobile friendly.
  2. Use a Contact and About page on your website to instill trust. Ensure these pages are easily accessible above the fold of your website.
  3. Consider using Author Pages And Schema in wordpress. This will provide your readers with even more trust points. Other trust factors that are likely to help are to include a map to your
  4. business location and paragraphs and photos of real people who are working withing your business.
  5. Speed optimization is important to ensue that your website loads in less than 2 seconds or better. This includes every page of your site not only your home page. A couple of tools you can use to check speed load include and
  6. Ensure your website has no canonical pages and that http is forwarded to https. All content on your site should now load only with https as this is a ranking factor used by Google.
  7. Manage your websites crawl budget by removing any poor quality pages from Googles indexing crawl by applying no index tags to those pages and emitting them from your site map.
  8. Ensure your using a site map and submitting it to Google via the Google Consolewoocomerce get more traffic
  9. Fix any 404 and 301 errors that might flag up in Google Console over time
  10. Resolve any orphaned pages (pages that are not linked except from the sitemap. You should link to them from other pages or remove them from your site map index. You should aim to be letting Google know that every page you want to be indexed is a high quality page which means including incoming and outgoing links.
  11. Bulk up thin pages on your Woocommerce website or remove them from the sitemap and Google index crawl. This might include adding more content, images, video etc.
  12. Use a tool such as Siteliner to detect duplicate content and take action to remedy any duplicate content that might be found.
  13. If you’re serious about your sites SEO use a technical SEO site audit tool such as Ahrefs, SEMRush or Majestic SEO. Use these tools to check things like alt tags, short page titles, meta desc etc
  14. Finally balance your internal link anchor text and ensure your not overusing exact match keywords in the link anchor text every time you link to your pages.


These are just a few generic tips for helping you get more traffic to your Woocommerce website using on page SEO factors.

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