How to Connect An Amazon Account to MultiChannelWorks

Follow the Amazon integration instructions below to connect your Amazon account to your MultiChannelWorks account and begin automating administration tasks.

Firstly, from the integration menu select ‘Add New Channel’ and click the Amazon logo.



Step 1: Select the Amazon site you are registered to from the dropdown menu and click the ‘Goto Amazon »’ link and login to your Amazon account.

You will see the ‘permissions page’. Scroll down to the ‘Amazon MWS Developer Permissions’ section. If this is the first time you are using developer permissions click the Send another verification email link.

connect amazon step 1


Step 2: Confirm the email that Amazon will send to your registered email address by opening the email and by clicking the verification link in the email. The email will look something like this..

connect amazon step 2


Step 3: Once you click the verification link in the email, Amazon will return you to the permissions page.

connect amazon step 3


Step 4: Net click ‘View your credentials‘ and copy and paste your AWS Access Key and Secret Key into your MultiChannelWorks connection settings.

Step 5: Copy and paste the Developer Nickname into the Amazon merchant name field in your MultiChanenlWors connection settings.

Step 6: Give your Amazon account a nickname so you can recognize this account in MultiChannelWorks (you can use your seller name if it is short enough to fit in the field) and click ‘Submit’.


You have now successfully connected your Amazon account to MultiChannelWorks multi channel ecommerce software

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