Edit Inventory Levels Manually

You’re able to manually override, edit and update inventory levels for any product stored in your stockroom at any time from the Inventory Manager screen. Simply search for the product that you would like to edit the inventory level for and click to edit the amount in the ‘Available ‘ column.

Edit Inventory Amount

Enter your new amount in the popup, click save and your new inventory level is all set.


  • A Note About Fulfillment Center Inventory Levels

    If you’re using fulfillment centers to store and ship your products for you then you’ll notice that MultiChannelWorks does not allow the inventory amount fields to be manually edited or updated for fulfillment centers. This is becasue when you use a fulfillment center your inventory is counted and managed exclusively by the fulfillment center and any data in your MultiChannelWorks account would already reflect the most accurate inventory level data received from the fulfillment center. For this reason there is no need for you to edit the inventory level fields for fulfillment centers as they’re already updated by the fulfillment centers with the most accurate data available.