Synchronize Inventory

Managing inventory levels is one of MultiChannelWorks core features. It keeps accurate records for all of your inventory at all times and if you choose to use the InventorySync™ feature it will also update your sales channel inventory levels with the accurate inventory data available in your MultiChannelWorks account.

How Does InventorySync™ Work?

Once you enable InventorySync™ in your account, MultiChannelWorks will update your sales channels for you with the accurate inventory level data in your MultiChannelWorks account so that you can avoid over selling and avoid missing out on sales.

For example,

Let’s say you have 50 blue widgets in stock in your MultiChannelWorks account and you list your blue widgets across 3 sales channels as follows..

  1. eBay; 50 widgets
  2. Amazon; 50 widgets
  3. Woocommerce Shopping Cart; 50 widgets

If you were to receive an order in your eBay sales channel for let’s say 5 blue widgets, MultiChannelWorks would import the order and automatically record and adjust your inventory levels in MultiChannelWorks accordingly to accommodate the new order. It would also push the new inventory levels back to your sales channels and your sales channel listings would then show the correct amount of available inventory as follows..

  1. eBay; 45 widgets
  2. Amazon; 45 widgets
  3. Woocommerce Shopping Cart; 45 Widgets

As the example shows, by using the InventorySync™ feature MultiChannelWorks will automatically maintain accurate inventory levels across all of your sales channels at all times and without you needing to update channels manually every time you receive or ship an order -whilst simultaneously protecting you from overselling and losing out on lost sales.

To enable MultiChannelWorks to begin managing your inventory and to enable InventorySync™, first you’ll want to import and set your inventory levels in your account and ensure that your channel listings are mapped to your product catalog SKU codes. You can use any combination of the 3 methods described in this user guide for importing and updating inventory levels in your MultiChannelWorks account.

How Do I Activate InventorySync™ In My Account?

MultiChannelWorks enables you to control InventorySync™ and the inventory management rules for each and every sales channel that you connect individually. This means that you could potentially set specific inventory management rules for each of your sales channels individually so you’ll have full control over every aspect of how your inventory is updated on each channel.

First ensure that you’ve  already connected your sales channel to MultiChannelWorks and mapped your channel listings to your product catalog SKU codes.

Activate InventorySync™ For Any Sales Channel(To activate InventorySync™ for any specific sales channel goto 'Integrations' > 'Marketplace Integrations' and click the 'Edit Channel Settings' icon next to the channel you want to manage. Click here to read about all Channel Settings including how to activate InventorySync™ »)