Shipping Mapping

To use fulfillment centers such as Amazon FBA, as soon as you have enabled the fulfillment center in your account by subscribing to the addon module, you’ll then need to let the fulfillment center know which shipping methods should be used to ship your orders using shipping mapping.

Its important to note that orders cannot be shipped from fulfillment centers including Amazon FBA unless you have already mapped shipping methods.

You’ll only be required to setup shipping mapping one time, so that your orders can be shipped from the fulfillment center using the shipping methods that you want to use.


Mapping eBay Shipping Methods To Ship Orders From Amazon FBA

Every sales channel has its own unique requirements for shipping methods. In this example below you can see how to map eBay shipping methods to Amazon FBA so that when you receive orders from eBay those orders can then be shipped from your Amazon FBA account.

To access the shipping mapping settings go to ‘Integrations > Selling Channels’ and you’ll see the small truck icon next to each sales channel connected to your account:

1. Click the truck icon to open shipping mapping for the channel.



2. From the eBay shipping methods drop down menu you can select the eBay method that you want to map.

3. From the Fulfillment center shipping methods drop down menu you can select the shipping method to map to.



4. Click submit.

5. Repeat shipping mapping for every shipping method that your listings are using in this channel.