Rejected Orders Explained And How To Prevent Them

Rejected order status can occur when MultiChannelWorks does not have all the information required to assign the order with any other order status.

This can occur due to various reasons although it usually indicates that some setting needs to be applied in your account to accommodate these orders. if you see rejected orders use the ‘Rejected Orders’ manager to identify the reason for the rejection and apply the correct settings.

Access ‘Rejected Orders’ manager by clicking the icon in the top right corner:

fix orders button


Next you’ll see a list of all orders that have ‘Rejected’ status and an error message next to each order. The error message will attempt to provide you with information about why the rejection occurred. You’ll be able to decide whether to fix the error and then click the ‘Re-Process’ button or to ‘Ignore’ the error.

If you click to ‘Ignore’ the error the order status will change to ‘New Order’ status and will remain in this status until you process the order manually. However when you ignore an error it will not fix the error that caused the rejection to prevent any future similar errors occurring. It would simply skip the error and assume that you will be processing this order manually.

Examples of errors could include orders that are imported with SKU codes that are not mapped to SKU codes in your product catalog. Or, importing an order with a shipping method that is not mapped to a shipping method in your MultiChannelWorks account would also cause an error.

To fix the error follow the on screen directions to fix the error in your account settings, then come back to ‘Re-Process’ the order again.

For example,if the rejected status was caused due to a mapping issue you can apply the mapping and then ‘Re-Process’ the order. MultiChannelWorks will then attempt to process the order again and assuming the mapping was applied correctly, the order should process successfully.