Quick Setup Guide


(The following quick setup guide assumes that you’ll be using selling channels like eBay and Amazon to advertise and sell your products. To setup your account for warehouse and fulfillment services only please instead contact us for information).

Step 1: Firstly you’ll want to connect your selling channels from Integrations > Selling Channels.



Step 2: Build your product catalog inside your MultiChannelWorls account automatically by importing products from your selling channels (you can also add products using the add product form or use the csv product file uploader although importing from selling channels is the faster method).

Step 3: To synchronize inventory across your selling channels first import your inventory quantities directly from a selling channel or by using the inventory file uploader.

Step 4: Before you begin to synchronize inventory and manage orders within MultiChannelWorks you’ll first need to apply the settings for each sales channel to let MultiChannelWorks know the rules for updating inventory on each channel. To update sales channel settings goto Integrations > Sales Channels > (click the edit settings icon)

Edit Channel Settings


Step 5: As orders are placed on your sales channels they will be imported into your account from your marketplaces. For example when an order is placed on eBay it will also be imported into your MultiChannelWorks account. You can automate tasks within MultiChannelWorks or you can manage orders by printing packing documents and shipping labels or by allocating orders to fulfillment centers and shipping vendors.  These actions are available from the Order Manager table.


Step 6: If you encounter any problems setting up your account use the help pages or request a chat or contact our help desk.