Shipping Vendors

* * This feature is currently in beta which means we are testing. Please feel free to use this feature and we would appreciate you report any bugs that you might see.

* * Currently this feature enables you to allocate orders from your orders table to shipping vendors. Assigning orders to shipping vendors in bulk and automation is coming soon.


Setup Shipping Vendor Accounts

To add your shipping vendor accounts follow the steps:

  1. From the top navigation go to ‘Intergations > Setup Shipping vendors’ and select the shipping vendor from the list on the right hand side.
  2. Enter a reference (give your shipping account a nickname that you can easily recognize for example ‘Your Company UPS Account’) and enter a description (for example, ‘Your Company UPS Account’)
  3. Enter your shipping vendor account details.
  4. Click ‘Create’ and your shipping vendor account will be added to your account.



Allocate Orders Individually to Shipping Vendors

To assign any order in your orders table usually with order status ‘New Order’ to a shipping vendor follow the steps:

  1. From the top navigation go to ‘Orders’ and select the check box next to the order you want to allocate to the shipping vendor
  2. Click the ‘Action Button > Ship By’
  3. Complete the shipping vendor form and follow the on page instructions to complete the order shipping request.



Allocate Orders in Bulk to Shipping Vendors

Note that allocating orders to shipping vendors in bulk and shipping vendor automation are new features in development and are coming soon.