Inventory Manager

Your Inventory Manager screen is where you’re able to view your product inventory levels. You can also update your inventory levels from here if you need to. You can also use Channel Inventory Rules to manage your available inventory levels to automatically and periodically ‘push’ your inventory levels to selling channels of your choice to prevent over selling.

Overview of the Inventory Manager Screen Features

Inventory Manager

1. Search Box and Controls. Search your products by part sku code/title/brand, etc.

2. Manage Product. Click to switch to the Product Manager view.

3. Import Data. Click to goto import data screen to import/update inventory via .csv files.

4. Export Data. Click to download a current stock list in .csv format.

5. Product Table. Your product details including main image, sku and product title.

6. Location. This field will display either the words ‘stock room’ or ‘multiple’.

  • ‘Stock Room’ will display if you’re simply using your own stockroom to store inventory in one location.
  • ‘Multiple’ will display if you’re using multiple fulfillment centers/stock rooms. Click the word ‘Multiple’ to view a breakdown of your inventory by location.

Inventory by location

 7. Table Inventory Levels. The table will display the breakdown of your current inventory including:

  • Total – The total amount of physical inventory you hold in stock.
  • Reserved – The reserved amount of inventory is an automatic calculation that takes into account the inventory required to complete all of your open orders that are either in ‘processing’ or ‘new order’ status in your order manager. When new orders are imported, inventory is immediately deducted from your ‘available’ inventory column and transferred to your ‘reserved’ inventory column. When an order status is changed to ‘shipped’ the reserved inventory is then released from reserved and deducted altogether from your inventory. If an order status is changed to ‘cancelled’ before changing to ‘shipped’, in this case the inventory would be allocated back to your available inventory again.
  • Available – The amount of inventory available to list and sell (i.e. total inventory – reserved inventory = available inventory)