Import Products from Channels (recommended method)


Import your products directly from your sales channels like eBay or Amazon listings or a supported shopping cart (if you have a large catalog of products and you don’t already have a spreadsheet with a list of all your products available to upload then importing products from sales channels is the quickest and easiest method to get your products into MultiChannelWorks):

Step 1: When importing your products from a marketplace or shopping cart for the very first time the best practice is to import your products by connecting your first marketplace or channel that has the MOST number of your products listed:

Importing Products From A Sales Channel for the VERY First Time?(You can easily import products from your marketplace or shopping cart accounts when you connect your account for the very first time) to see how to add a new connection, click here now »


  • (If you're importing products from a marketplace like eBay or Amazon or a shopping cart that IS already connected to your MultiChannelWorks account and you want to re-import your listings then continue to step 2).

Step 2: In your MultiChannelWorks account goto 'Products' and click the 'Import Data' button.

Step 3: On the next page and from the 'Import Channel Listings' tab click the 'Import/Update Listings' button next to the channel you wish to import/update listings from. (If you don't see any channels or import/update buttons on this page then you first need to connect your first sales channel)

Import/Update Listings


Step 4: After you click 'Import/Update Listings' on the next page you will see options to re-import listings from your selected sales channel. Select 'Yes' to automatically auto build products from listings if they do not already exist in your product catalog and select 'No' to simply import listings and not add products automatically to your product database.

If you select 'No' and you only import the listings (and not auto build products to your database) then you'll need to ensure that every listing that you want MultiChannelWorks to manage on the channel is mapped to a product in your product database. You can manually add products from channel listings to your product database from the 'View Listings' page.

Its usually safe to select 'Yes' to import all of your products from the selected sales channel if your products listed use the same SKU codes as your MultiChannelWorks account.

(NOTE: If you list the same products on different sales channels using different SKU codes then its always better to select 'No' when importing/updating listings and you can then map your products to listings manually from the 'View Listings' page. Otherwise you could potentially end up with the same product duplicated in your product database but stored under different SKU codes).

Import Options

Click 'Begin Import'.

Requests to update/re-import listings are queued and usually complete within 5-10 minutes.

Step 5: Once your listings have been re-imported and updated and if you clicked 'Yes' to import and add your products, any new products associated with your imported listings will automatically be added to your MultiChannelWorks product database. Its important to note that MultiChannelWorks will not duplicated or add product codes that already exist in your products database.

If you selected 'No' during the import process you can manage listings and product mapping from the View/Manage Listings page.