Import Inventory .csv Files

MultiChannelWorks enables you to update your inventory levels using .csv files.

(Firstly if you need to download a current csv inventory file go to Products > Inventory Manager and click the ‘Export’ button).

Step 1. To upload a .csv spreadsheet file go to Products > Inventory Manager and click the Import Data button.

Step 2. On the next screen click the Import Inventory Data tab and submit your .csv file using the file up-loader tool.

Import Inventory from .csv

Note that if your file is in Excel or other spreadsheet format you must first save the file as a .csv file to be able to submit your inventory data file using the up-loader tool.

Step 3. You can also download a sample file from this tab to view the formatting required to submit your inventory data in a .csv file.


If after reading the above article you need help to add or import your products into MultiChannelWorks contact us (opens in new page)