Import Inventory From Channels

A note about importing your inventory levels from a sales channel.

MultiChannelWorks will only import inventory levels from a sales channel during the very first time that you connect your first sales channel to your MultiChannelWorks account. This is becasue when you add additional sales channels you should already have accurate inventory levels setup in your account and we wouldn’t want your existing inventory levels to be affected when you decide to connect additional sales channels to your account.

  • NOTE! Importing Inventory Levels From Sales Channels For The Very First Time Only

    When you add a sales channel connection to MultiChannelWorks for the very first time and your products are imported, MultiChannelWorks will also import the associated inventory levels from the selling channel at the same time. This will ONLY apply to the very first channel that you connect to your MultiChannelWorks account. Subsequent attempts to connect channels will NOT trigger inventory levels to be imported.

    You can import inventory levels from a .csv file or update and edit inventory levels manually at any time from within your MultiChannelWorks inventory manager screen.

Importing Products & Inventory From A Sales Channel for the VERY First Time?(You can easily import products & inventory levels from your marketplace or shopping cart accounts when you connect your account for the very first time) to see how to add a new connection, click here now »