Adding Products

Adding your products to build your ‘product database’ inside of your MultiChannelWorks account is one of the most important steps to setup your account. MultiChannelWorks manages your orders, inventory and other functions by using your product product codes. Each and every product that you add to your account should have its own unique product code (product codes are also known as SKU codes. What is a SKU code?).

  • IMPORTANT! Before You Begin Adding Your Products

    MultiChannelWorks will only save product codes and associated product details to your database if the product codes (SKU code) does not already exist in your MultiChannelWorks account. This rule applies whether you’re importing products from channel listings or if you’re adding products using any other method described below. MultiChannelWorks prevents duplicate product codes from being added and saved to your product database. Therefore it would be a good business practice to only use one unique product code (SKU code) for each of your products.

You can use any combination of the 3 methods described below for getting your product details into your MultiChannelWorks account.