Fulfillment Services

MultiChannelWorks integrates with fulfillment warehouses to enable you to outsource your warehousing and shipping. Currently integrations are available with fulfillment centers in many countries. You can use any fulfillment center in any country regardless of where you or your business is based.

Storing your products in local warehouses in different countries allows you to ship your orders to your customer quickly and also removes the hassle and lowers the costs of needing to ship your orders internationally across borders. When you decide to use a fulfillment center our integrations streamline the entire process of automating shipping your orders and allows you to automatically update and synchronize shipment and tracking statuses across your sales channels.

To add a fulfillment center goto ‘Integrations’ > ‘Modules & Addons’

You’ll see all the current available modules and addons including integrations with fulfillment centers. Simply subscribe to the service you would like to use and follow the on screen prompts to add the module to your account.



When you join the fulfillment center service and the warehouse location is added to your account you’ll see the warehouse enabled on your dashboard under Your Active Modules..



Warehouse Stock Lists

You’ll also notice a new warehouse stock list appear in your inventory manager screens for the active warehouse location. When you ship inventory to the warehouse locations and your inventory is received by the warehouse, the corresponding stock lists will show the inventory quantities held at the corresponding warehouses.

  1. To see the warehouse location stock lists go to Products > Inventory Manager.
  2. Click a product to see the inventory details.
  3. On the inventory details tab you’ll see all the stock lists for all your active warehouse locations.
  4. In the example below we have ‘stockroom’ and United Kingdom Warehouse’ stock lists activated..




Instruct A Warehouse to Ship Orders Using ‘Add Order’ Form

Also new shipping methods to support the warehouse location will appear in the Orders > Add Order formYou’ll be able to use the form to input orders to be shipped from the new warehouse location and you’ll be able to ‘select shipping method’ and choose shipping methods offered by the fulfillment warehouse from  drop down menu..



Account Verification to Use Warehouses

Before any fulfillment center can begin accepting your shipments of inventory you must fist verify your account. When you add a fulfillment center to your account you’ll see the ‘Account Verification‘ link appear on your dashboard. You must first complete account verification before sending your products to the warehouses.


To obtain the fulfillment center receiving address please contact us once you have completed the above steps to add the fulfillment center to your account.

Next Steps:

Assign Warehouse Locations to Automatically Ship Orders for Your Specific Sales Channels

MultiChannelWorks enables you to assign warehouses to ship orders imported from all or any specific sales channel.

To specify a fulfillment location to ship orders received from specific sales channels in MultiChannelWorks see the Channel Settings page.

Once you’ve assigned the warehouse in channel settings you’ll also want to map your sales channel shipping methods to actual shipping methods offered by the fulfillment location. Read about how to map warehouse shipping methods to sales channels.