Channel Settings


Use channel settings to control how your inventory is updated and how your sales orders are managed, processed and shipped when imported from the specified sales channel.

NOTE: Every channel that you connect will have its own ‘Channel Settings’ so you can set specific rules individually for each of your channels.

To update settings for a specific sales channel goto ‘Integrations’ > ‘Sales Channels’ and click the ‘Edit Channel Settings’ icon for the channel that you want to update.

Edit Channel Settings

You’ll see the main channel settings page for the selected channel.

Channel Settings Overview

1. Account Nickname – Update/edit sales channel nickname

  • Out Of Stock Control Preference – The ‘Out Of Stock Control Preference’ is a setting in your eBay account. We’ve included a remote control switch in eBay channel settings for your convenience to save you needing to login to eBay to turn this on. When turned On eBay will maintain all your ‘buy it now’ listings as active listings even when the quantity in the listing reaches zero. The listing would be hidden from eBay’s search results but will still remain active for the purpose of adding more inventory. If you intend to replenish your ‘Buy it Now’ eBay listings with inventory after they run out of stock then you should keep this setting turned On. Read more about this setting on the eBay help pages.

2. Inventory Settings – Controls how inventory is handled and managed on this channel

  • Update inventory on channel site from: Select the stock list that will support this sales channel and to synchronize inventory levels with.
  • InventorySync™: Toggle inventory synchronization on/off for this sales channel. When turned ‘ON’, MultiChannelWorks will begin synchronizing inventory on this sales channel from your selected stock list.
  • Minimum Stock Level: This is the minimum stock level that will always apply to your channel listings, (your sales channel listings will always show the minimum stock level even if your actual available inventory falls below this minimum).
  • Maximum Stock Level: This is the maximum stock level that will apply to your channel listings, (your sales channel listings will always show the maximum stock level even if your actual available inventory increases above this maximum).

3. Warehouse Locations – Select active warehouses (your own stockroom and any fulfillment center subscriptions) to support this sales channel. Orders received from this sales channel will be allocated to your stockroom or fulfillment center(s) that you place in the ‘Active’ column.

Channel Warehouse Priority

Your own ‘Stock Room’ is always active by default when you first connect a sales channel. When an order is imported it will be allocated to the warehouse in your warehouse priority list if inventory is available. If no inventory is available in your first warehouse MultiChannelWorks will look if inventory is available in each warehouse in order of priority and allocate the order to the warehouse that holds the inventory.

NOTE: When you use a fulfillment center to support your sales channel, the order details will be forwarded to the 3rd party fulfillment center where your inventory is being stored and the order can then be processed, picked, packed and shipped by the fulfillment center.

Read more about subscribing to use 3rd party fulfillment centers to manage and ship your orders »

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