Add Products Form (slowest method)


Method #2. Add Products Using the ‘Add Product Form’

You can add products to your MultiChannelWorks database by typing the details and submitting them manually using the add product form. This method is useful if you only have a very small product catalog and you’re not using sales channels OR if you want to simply add additional products manually rather than importing them from connected sales channels.

Goto ‘Products’ > ‘Add Product’ to complete and submit products using the form method.

Add Product Form

(Note: Only fields marked with * are mandatory fields).

Product SKU – Enter a unique product code for your product.

Product Title – Enter your products name/title.

Purchase Price – This is the cost to replace the product at the wholesale price. It is not mandatory to use it although it is useful if you intend to use fulfillment centers. When fulfillment centers ship orders, international orders require customs declaration of value. Also this can be used as an insurance value for your products stored at third party fulfillment centers.

Retail Price – This is selling price and is used to for your reporting for example sales reports.

Brand – Enter the products brand name. This is used for listing builder and for categorization.

Manufacturer – Enter the manufacturer. This is used for categorization.

Category – Select the best category for the product. (This is a default category used in MultiChannelWorks, you can select marketplace specific categories in the listing builder.

Package Dimensions – The outer dimensions of your product and its packaging. (Used by fulfillment centers and for sometimes calculating shipping estimates and costs).

Quantity – Enter the quantity of this product that you currently have on hand in your stockroom. (You can also add and update inventory levels later using Inventory Manager).