Add Sales Channels


Marketplace integrations enable you to easily connect new selling channels to your MultiChannelWorks account.

From the main menu goto Integrations > Marketplace Integrations and choose marketplace integrations from the Add New Channel column.

Use the Add Channel buttons and follow the on screen instructions to enter your marketplace account details to connect your marketplace accounts.

As you connect marketplaces you may see on screen prompts to login to your marketplace account to allow MultiChannelWorks permissions to receive and send data between your MultiChannelWorks account and the sales channel.

Once your marketplace is connected you’ll see the channel integrations page again and you’ll be able to click the ‘View Listings‘ button.

You’ll then see import listings manager. Click ‘Import/Update listings‘ to begin the import process.

During the import process you’ll be prompted with options to import your listings and products.

Information about importing products from channel listings

When you import/update listings from a sales channel you'll see the product import options. Importing products from your marketplace listings is the fastest way to import product data to your account. It can also assist you by preventing product duplication because MutlChannelWorks will only permit one occurrence of a unique SKU code to be saved to your product database.

When you import listings from sales channels all of your sales channel listings will always be imported however the options you'll see on screen refer to how MultiChannelWorks will handle products when importing from the listings. (Remember that listings and products are not the same thing because MultiChannelWorks will store one product title in the product database however there may be instances when you want to list the same product more than once and with a difference listing title).

Import Options

Select 'Yes' to enable MultiChannelWorks to automatically auto build products from listings and add the products to your product database. Products will only be saved to your product database if they have SKU codes that do not already exist in the database. (Its usually safe to select 'Yes' to auto build products unless you know that the channel is using different SKU codes for products that already exist in your MultiChannelWorks account with a different SKU code).

If you select 'No' and you only import the listings (and not auto build products to your database) then you'll need to ensure listings that you want MultiChannelWorks to manage on the channel are mapped to a product in your product database. You can manually add products from channel listings to your product database from the 'View Listings' page.

(NOTE: If you list the same products on different sales channels using different SKU codes then you might prefer to select 'No' when importing/updating listings and you can then map your products to listings manually from the 'View Listings' page. Otherwise you could potentially end up with the same product duplicated in your product database but stored under different SKU codes).

Whichever option you choose you’ll be able to manage, edit, map and delete products from within your MultiChannelWorks account at any time in the future.

Once your products have been imported and your sales channel is successfully connected you'll be able to see your channel listings and manage product mapping.

For specific step-by-step information for connecting each marketplace see the following articles: (articles open in new window)

If after reading the above article you need help to add or import your products or add sales channels contact us (opens in new window)