6 Essential ‘eBay Account Management’ Checklist Tasks

Although the basic daily eBay account management and administration principles remain the same, new

software tools are now available to help stream line your eBay workflow and maximize efficiency. eBay has changed and developed its platform over the years and some of the marketing and workflows have changed too.

Whether you outsource your eBay account management software or manage the daily tasks yourself in house here’s the checklist of daily account management activities that I feel need to be done on a daily basis to ensure your eBay account reaches and remains in good standing and hopefully at a higher seller level:

ebay account management

  1. Check your sales. This is the existing part where you get to see how much revenue and profit your account brought in since you last logged in.

  2. Process orders. Of course you need to process and ship your eBay orders. Depending on your business process and workflow you might outsource this, use multi channel software to automate order processing or process orders manually.
  3. Respond to messages. Answer customer service messages and resolve any issues.
  4. Disputes and feedback. Check, reply and respond to feedback, disputes, return requests etc. Closing out disputes or returns successfully is one of the best ways to ensure your account does well over the longer term. Also if you receive a negative feedback, try to have it reversed by resolving any dispute with your  customer. This won’t always work but its worth trying.
  5. Check inventory. You don;t want to run out of stock especially for your best selling items since sales velocity is one of the main ranking factors for your listings. Ensure your listings have inventory ir use a multi channel inventory management software tool to ensure that your warehouses, stockrooms are always synchronizing your stock lists wit your seller accounts.
  6. Marketing and promotions. Check your sales promotions and marketing campaigns setup within eBay. Depending on your volume of listings and sales you might want to do this less often on a weekly basis rather than daily basis. Tweak, adjust or end failing campaigns and start new campaigns to try to beat your best performing campaigns. This way you are always trying to beat your existing winning campaign with even better campaigns.

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